The Goodness in Every Pressure *


Have you ever experienced when you do good, but it is not acknowledged? The most interesting part – when you make a mistake, it is a very big deal. Reprimands here and there, they will make you feel like you never did something good and right.

That moment when you let it affect your work – like you want to quit your job.

The moment when you try to just change your mindset that they are just doing that to train us, and that they have high expectations of us. So we let it go. That moment when you were told that you are planning to fail AGAIN – let it all go.

That moment when you were not able to come to work an hour before the shift, because you were not feeling well. They only see when you are not early, but they never acknowledge when you were two hours or an hour and a half early to prepare for the day.

What to do to overcome it:

1) Think that they have high expectations of us, because they want us to be the best

2) Always prepare hours ahead of time to make sure our team will not fail and prove them wrong

3) Commitment from my team to be the best and Team Action Plans discussed to be the best at what we do

4) Work is work

5) Ignore the negativity – though sometimes you will be it, but never tolerate it – always divert

Always think of the positive side. Maybe they are there to be an instrument for us to be the best.

Still Sober *


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4 months and 11 days today.

September 2, 2019.

I do not miss drinking.

I do not like the feeling anymore. You feel dizzy because youre drunk, your breath smells bad, you sweat like hell and you eat more than what you are supposed to because it makes you get hungry. And to me, that is not healthy.

It doesnt mean that you cannot drink at all. If you want to have a glass of alcohol, you can – as long as you dont get drunk. But again, you know your limit – you can have one glass or a bottle and that is it.

What did I get from not drinking?

I stayed focused to the important things and gladly, it paid off. I am very happy that I was able to stop drinking and I intend to continue it. It seems easy to say NO now compared to when I started because youre fighting the urge. And now, I dont get that urge anymore and that is very important to me. Four months may not be long enough for others, but it is to me.

I get to spend more time with my child because I go home early. No more stop-by’s to the drinking hubs that I used to go and have a drink, and end up going home late. No, I do not miss it at all.

What I am missing during this sobriety though is exercising. Gaaah! I have not worked out for over a month now. Too busy? Too tired? Nope, I have just been very lazy to work out lately. I will be blogging my work-out plan soon. And I mean it hahaha because I badly need it!!

See you on my next blog! 😊

Career Path *


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August 29th marks my second year with the company that I have worked for. If I did not transfer to another company, then it would have been 3 years and 6 months, but I would not have gotten here if I did not – so I would not want it any other way.

I have had a lot of ups and downs, challenges I thought I could not fight, the support system that I needed and the courage to fight despite all the difficulties. I am beyond grateful.

I am not going to go through all of the details, because it will take a while to finish it and this article will be very long. I am grateful to my Trainers, Team Leaders, Managers and Co-coaches and forever will be. All the lessons taught and learned, including the mistakes that I have committed that made me realize a lot of things will be cherished – precious memories they are.

Disclaimer ** Low Quality Photos – Grabbed them from an App and it destroyed the original resolution

Trainee: August 29, 2017

Technical Rep: November 2, 2017

Coach: May 13, 2018

Supervisor: August 16, 2019

To the eyes of many, I am perceived as a very strict and tough coach. I have been told that I am mean, harsh and aggressive. In short “maldita” – and that is never okay with me, because I know that I am not. I always let it pass because I have always proven them wrong. I get more appreciation when they get their incentives hahaha good job, guys! That is all you – I am here as your guide but whatever you have accomplished is all yours. It always start within your mind-set.

I may be brutally honest, I will always tell you what you needed to hear even if it hurts. Along the way, I have learned to say it at the right time and place. I am a work in progress and hopeful that I become better and the best at what I do.

During the interviews of the position that I applied for, I was nervous as hell. Oh my gosh, every time I thought of it makes me feel like screaming hahaha because it was nerve-racking. Oh well, it was worth it!! People have congratulated me, shown genuine happiness for me and they have made me more happier. I made a choice to follow the career path that I want – and to the responsibilities given to me, I will take it as a challenge. With the right people that surround me and the help that I get from them, may they be busy or not – I know I can count on them and I am forever grateful for it.

Challenges or difficulties will always be there – nothing comes easy and we can never get what we want any time we want. It is like climbing the highest mountain – you can never reach the summit without risking your life like the difficulties in breathing, you get wounded and there will always be a time that you feel you that you cannot make it to the top. But, there is always that choice to get up and climb your way up to the summit no matter what. We do not want to think “what if?” because we did not at least try.

To all the people who believed in me, the biggest THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart **

Social Media 30 Days Detox *


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So yeah, I have uninstalled my social media applications.

I started on the 18th of July – inspired by Matt D’Avella and Sadia of Pick Up Limes. Matt suggested the 30 day challenge – so what I did is removed three of them (F, I and T).

Why? Because I spend too much time on my phone, like too much. When I wake up, instead of greeting good morning to myself and to my child, I check my phone which is unhealthy. When I eat my breakfast, I am on my phone instead of enjoying my food. When I get home from work, instead of getting some sleep, I am on my phone. So, yep. I agree with Matt that Social Media is addictive and not good if you are on it excessively.

There are times that when I post something, I get worried. Will the people like it? Will they approve of it? Did someone comment something bad about it? And that, my friend, is not healthy at all. And, I know I am not alone in feeling this. I know therw are a lot of us and I would say, stop. That is enough. Yes, social media is fun – getting that dopamine when someone likes your post or hearts it. But really? We do not need any validation from someone else but why do we still worry if someone would like it or not? Refresh notifications to count them reactions, check comments and respond.

So, yea. I felt like it’s enough. It’s time to detox. I am not saying it is not good to be im Social Media – just use it in moderate because excessive is not good. Others check their phone 80 to 300 times a day and I do not want to be one of them. We control technology and not the other way around.

So what did I get with the 30 day challenge?

Time. Carefree. Genuine Fun.

I get to spend time with my family – my daughter in particular. I get to write all my thoughts, my plans for the next day or the next week, my food and workout plans. I am like a work in progress.

I still use Pinterest and YouTube. I watch a lot of vlogs from Pick Up Limes by Sadia, Matt D’Avella, Best Dressed Ashley, Miss Louie and more. That is all life techniques, food, fashion and make-up. It helps me improve my fashion – I need it for work because we need to dress up for three days in a week, Mondays to Wednesdays. Make-up to make sure I look pleasant, not too much though. I am still experimenting, looking for that perfect shade for my skin tone.

My nails here look dirty because my aunt asked me to apply hair color onto her hair and I did not use anything for my hand hahaha 😂

I have Messenger because it is where I can communicate with my colleagues at work, I communicate with my family and friends through it but I do not post stories and I do not view stories. I will try to upload a vlog about my journey on this detox hahaha it will be my first video and I am excited and nervous at the same time.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Leave a comment for suggestions 😇

Sobriety *


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66 days.

I know it is not that long.

But it’s something.

I decided to stop drinking when I was being serious in losing weight. I went up to 63 kilos and I did not feel good of myself anymore. I cannot wear the clothes that I have and so I needed to buy new ones that were bigger. Really.

There is nothing wrong with being chubby or a bit bigger than you were years ago. But as for me – I had a hard time catching my breath when I climb up the stairs in the office, I cannot wear my clothes anymore because they no longer fit and it was summer (when I decided * 2019).

I will never say that I regret my drinking days – ever. I have met a lot of good people along the way and kept a few of them as my close friends. What I love with drinking is you get to have a good conversation with the people you are with – except when there is an A-ho who gives BS. We all had that one person in the group who is boastful and annoying (hahaha)!

But so much for that.

I cannot say that I am not going to have a glass of drink anymore, but atleast, it is never going to be the same where I get drunk and cannot remember how I got home.

I am doing this not just because I want to lose weight. This is for me to focus more on what is important – I am not going to state it here but maybe on another blog post.

I am no longer interested to feel how it is to be drunk – dizzy and groggy and wasted. And so much more. I do not like to eat after drinking because I tend to eat a lot, like a lot a lot – which really helped me in gaining so much weight. I have tried going out with colleagues and they were drinking but I was not. At first, I find it really weird and it is so not me but after a few times of hanging out after work, I have finally said NO and I go straight home.

When I was still drinking, I get home by 1 in the afternoon and goes to work by 7 in the evening.

So. Not. Healthy.

Hence, the decision.


After 15 years of drinking, I have said NO. For 66 days. Yes, not that long but at the very least, I have that little maturity in me that made me decide to say NO to alcohol. And I love it, so much! I get to go home early, I can work out and wear the clothes that I like. It makes me feel young and fresh, makes me feel that my face is a bit younger than when I was still drinking. But, CHEERS TO ALL THE GOOD TIMES!!!

Maybe in time, I’d have wine instead of beer and it would be just a glass I believe hahaha who knows? 😊

Next would be to stop smoking.

Wish me luck! 😇

Date Today: June 29, 2019 **

Siargao Island *


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A tear-drop shaped island in the Philippine Sea and has a lot to offer. The island has a lot of surfing spots and is very well know of their spot called “Cloud 9”. I visited the island on the 27th of May 2019 – original plan was on the 13th of May to celebrate my birthday on the 14th, but I had a lot of things to attend to and to save up for so changed plans. The visit was a birthday gift to myself – a time for me to relax from all the work in the office and responsibilities at home. No, I was not escaping from all of it – all I am trying to say is that every one deserves some time off and I felt that I deserved it.

So here are photos of my trip *

Photos were taken in Pacifico Resort – Northern part of Siargao where the waves are beautiful. It is a perfect surfing spot – no, I am not a surfer but I may try soon when my feet feels good. I have wounds on my feet and a sprain, hence, scared of trying to surf because it may worsen it. Pacifico North part of the island is very beautiful – “Disconnect to Connect” is real. The area has no signal, no Wi-Fi and no TVs and what you can hear is just the sound of the waves and a few people surfing, and the birds chirping. The sun was all out after a quick drizzle and we just laid on the bench under it, all soaked.

My friend, Jacque – she now lives in Siargao and is having the time of her life together with her partner, ofcourse! I envy their lifestyle – the island life. No TV at home, can walk barefeet outside, swim whenever you want and they surf whenever they can.

The island is very rich in coconut trees and literally rich – I love the beautiful trees. Wherever you go, you will definitely see a lot of them. The sunsets, the sea breeze and everything in it is just all beautiful.

Their island hopping is also very affordable – php1500 and you can visit the Sanctuary where you can see beautiful sea creatures, you will also visit Naked Island, Daku and Guyam Islands. You can buy food to cook in the market and have it cooked in Daku Island (php200 for the food to be cooked). All three islands are beautiful that makes the whole trip all worth it!

Below are my photos with the sunset taken by Jacque. She brought me to the hill across their Villa. Yes, they do have a Villa where you can search on AirBNB “Garden Villa” php1850 per night. Please be advised that the prices may change *

I believe I have hundreds of photos in the island, but ofcourse I will not upload them all here hahaha! But sharing more of it *

If you want to know if I found the thing that I have been looking for during my trip. The answer is, YES. I have found tranquility in Siargao and it has been a while since I had it. Truly a wonderful place to visit and if only I can extend, why not? But no, I did not because ofcourse, I have work to attend to and most especially my daughter. Hopeful to visit Siargao with my daughter and my partner – fingers crossed.

Death Penalty in the Philippines *


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Life is short, life is precious — that is why we live it to the fullest.

But, what about the lives of the teens getting raped and killed?  Didn`t they deserve to live their lives to the fullest?

What about the families getting murdered inside their own home?  The parents and the children were murdered – because of what?  Envy?

What about the people getting chopped by an addict after being raped?  Sure as hell, they want to live.

What about the families of these victims?  Im precise that they want the best for their loved ones, but what happened?  Getting killed by these people who are merciless, drug addicts and envious.

What about the lives of the youth getting destroyed because of drug addiction?  Yes, it could be the users` choice to do that – but wouldn`t we have a better world without these drug lords and pushers?  I bet we would.

People who have murdered, raped or chopped does not stand a chance to live.  Everyone deserves a second chance to change their lives?  Hell no.  They could have thought of it first before they did the crime.  Impossible?  No, nothing is impossible.  “The word itself says I`m Possible.”  It is possible to think of not doing a crime.  How?  Live your life to the fullest, like it would be your last.  I bet these murderers and rapists cannot think of it, because of the drug use.  If it was not because of drugs, it could be lack of attention at home, no love life so they rape and kill, lack of money so they steal or rob and then kill.

All I am saying is, I am in favor of death penalty – because I am sure as hell that the people who died deserves a lot more than what was done to them. Bless their souls and I am truly sorry to their families. 

Good Morning, Smile *


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Waking me up and greet a good morning with a beautiful smile – oh,  I would not trade it for the world! I am grateful to have someone I can talk to,  be crazy with and share my problems to.  Not just an ordinary everyday partner,  but a bestfriend that I can share with everything at any time. 

Through good times and bad times, you never left me.  You have made me cry,   but gave me happiness at the same time. As they say,  love is an act of sacrifice. You have shown me an unconditional love and I am the most ecstatic person in the world.  The way you take care of me and make sure I am safe is one of the sweetest thing that you have shown.

I need not to ask you to do things,  because you have the initiative to do so which I am very proud of. Yes,  you have your own shortcomings,  but never for a day think thay I will love you less because of it. 

Just continue waking me up in the morning with that beautiful smile,  then I know I will be fine.  I love you 😄

Uke Hub Kafe *


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I had a good time at the coffee shop — with all the ukulele`s hanging on the wall and cactus displayed.  Its ambiance makes it more beautiful — it is not noisy, the music is very relaxing and most especially — their coffee & sandwich.  I had a Vanilla Latte & Cubano sandwiches — it was just mouth watering  🙂

14753809_1812939935588127_5738936202983668343_o(c) Uke Hub Kafe`s Facebook Site –

During Fridays & Saturdays, they have a live music playing using them Ukulele`s.  I have not tried going to the cafe on those days, but I have seen their videos — and yes, it was nice.

Below are some of the photos that I took when I visited the place  🙂



Their coffee is delicious, no sugar coating here.  The sandwich was mouth watering, with all that pork, cheese and other ingredients that I can barely remember — but it was really good.


I was with my friend, Andrea, who is a Law student and wanted to go somewhere quiet to study.  My friend Joanne came and Charmaine followed, too.  We got there at 5 in the afternoon and left at 9 in the evening — imagine 4 hours of staying at the cafe, seriously had a good time.  My friends were playing Boggle — yes, they have that in the cafe.  We talked and talked — and yes, there is WiFi.  They also have books that has song chords for Ukulele  🙂


For travelers who wants to visit — as far as I can remember, prices are as follows *

Cold Vanilla Latte – php105

Hot Latte – php95

Cubano Sandwich – php165

Chicken Pesto Sandwich – php140

Tuna Sandwich – php140

Tea`s – php60

Location * Stall 3 Mactan Arcade, Airport Road Lapu-Lapu City

Hope you enjoy your visit, too!!  🙂


Facebook Love *


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I have seen good love posts on faceboook and I have seen worse.  Posting the fights and arguments on facebook —  and change relationship status from “in a relationship to single” — when they are okay, they change it back from “single to in a relationship”.

Question is, why even post love problems on facebook — like the arguments and fights when you yourself know that if you two talk, everything will be fine.  Facebook is not a love diary.  Yes, we can post anything on facebook — it is our wall and we can post anything we want at any time.  But, don`t you want to save yourself from the inconvenience of changing your relationship status or customizing who can view your photos?  I think that would be best.  I mean, who am I to tell you what to do — right, I know that.  But take my advice, it would really help you and your reputation a lot.

Now I am talking about reputation — yes, it is very important.  We may say that we don`t care what people think about us, but I am sure that it is not true. Most girls do this and I know that for a fact, I have a lot of girl friends on facebook who does that and I find it annoying.  It does not only show what an irresponsible boyfriend or what a bad boyfriend you have — it also shows what type of a girlfriend you are.  The kind that posts all the things that the boyfriend does not do, i.e. not giving flowers, not giving chocolates or call when he gets home, or text you what he is doing — my gosh, seriously?

Ladies, we do not need to post these on facebook — seriously.  If we have a problem with our relationship, that might be because we lack communication.  And that my friend, is the number one key to avoid conflicts.  Communicate with your partner.  Commit on something that both of you are sure can do.  Compromise.  Trust.  After all, they are the ones we love.  If they are gone, at the end of the day, it would be us who will regret and cry on one side of the room.  That is not a good vision, is it?