Death Penalty in the Philippines *


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Life is short, life is precious — that is why we live it to the fullest.

But, what about the lives of the teens getting raped and killed?  Didn`t they deserve to live their lives to the fullest?

What about the families getting murdered inside their own home?  The parents and the children were murdered – because of what?  Envy?

What about the people getting chopped by an addict after being raped?  Sure as hell, they want to live.

What about the families of these victims?  Im precise that they want the best for their loved ones, but what happened?  Getting killed by these people who are merciless, drug addicts and envious.

What about the lives of the youth getting destroyed because of drug addiction?  Yes, it could be the users` choice to do that – but wouldn`t we have a better world without these drug lords and pushers?  I bet we would.

People who have murdered, raped or chopped does not stand a chance to live.  Everyone deserves a second chance to change their lives?  Hell no.  They could have thought of it first before they did the crime.  Impossible?  No, nothing is impossible.  “The word itself says I`m Possible.”  It is possible to think of not doing a crime.  How?  Live your life to the fullest, like it would be your last.  I bet these murderers and rapists cannot think of it, because of the drug use.  If it was not because of drugs, it could be lack of attention at home, no love life so they rape and kill, lack of money so they steal or rob and then kill.

All I am saying is, I am in favor of death penalty – because I am sure as hell that the people who died deserves a lot more than what was done to them. Bless their souls and I am truly sorry to their families. 


Good Morning, Smile *


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Waking me up and greet a good morning with a beautiful smile – oh,  I would not trade it for the world! I am grateful to have someone I can talk to,  be crazy with and share my problems to.  Not just an ordinary everyday partner,  but a bestfriend that I can share with everything at any time. 

Through good times and bad times, you never left me.  You have made me cry,   but gave me happiness at the same time. As they say,  love is an act of sacrifice. You have shown me an unconditional love and I am the most ecstatic person in the world.  The way you take care of me and make sure I am safe is one of the sweetest thing that you have shown.

I need not to ask you to do things,  because you have the initiative to do so which I am very proud of. Yes,  you have your own shortcomings,  but never for a day think thay I will love you less because of it. 

Just continue waking me up in the morning with that beautiful smile,  then I know I will be fine.  I love you 😄

Uke Hub Kafe *


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I had a good time at the coffee shop — with all the ukulele`s hanging on the wall and cactus displayed.  Its ambiance makes it more beautiful — it is not noisy, the music is very relaxing and most especially — their coffee & sandwich.  I had a Vanilla Latte & Cubano sandwiches — it was just mouth watering  🙂

14753809_1812939935588127_5738936202983668343_o(c) Uke Hub Kafe`s Facebook Site –

During Fridays & Saturdays, they have a live music playing using them Ukulele`s.  I have not tried going to the cafe on those days, but I have seen their videos — and yes, it was nice.

Below are some of the photos that I took when I visited the place  🙂



Their coffee is delicious, no sugar coating here.  The sandwich was mouth watering, with all that pork, cheese and other ingredients that I can barely remember — but it was really good.


I was with my friend, Andrea, who is a Law student and wanted to go somewhere quiet to study.  My friend Joanne came and Charmaine followed, too.  We got there at 5 in the afternoon and left at 9 in the evening — imagine 4 hours of staying at the cafe, seriously had a good time.  My friends were playing Boggle — yes, they have that in the cafe.  We talked and talked — and yes, there is WiFi.  They also have books that has song chords for Ukulele  🙂


For travelers who wants to visit — as far as I can remember, prices are as follows *

Cold Vanilla Latte – php105

Hot Latte – php95

Cubano Sandwich – php165

Chicken Pesto Sandwich – php140

Tuna Sandwich – php140

Tea`s – php60

Location * Stall 3 Mactan Arcade, Airport Road Lapu-Lapu City

Hope you enjoy your visit, too!!  🙂


Facebook Love *


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I have seen good love posts on faceboook and I have seen worse.  Posting the fights and arguments on facebook —  and change relationship status from “in a relationship to single” — when they are okay, they change it back from “single to in a relationship”.

Question is, why even post love problems on facebook — like the arguments and fights when you yourself know that if you two talk, everything will be fine.  Facebook is not a love diary.  Yes, we can post anything on facebook — it is our wall and we can post anything we want at any time.  But, don`t you want to save yourself from the inconvenience of changing your relationship status or customizing who can view your photos?  I think that would be best.  I mean, who am I to tell you what to do — right, I know that.  But take my advice, it would really help you and your reputation a lot.

Now I am talking about reputation — yes, it is very important.  We may say that we don`t care what people think about us, but I am sure that it is not true. Most girls do this and I know that for a fact, I have a lot of girl friends on facebook who does that and I find it annoying.  It does not only show what an irresponsible boyfriend or what a bad boyfriend you have — it also shows what type of a girlfriend you are.  The kind that posts all the things that the boyfriend does not do, i.e. not giving flowers, not giving chocolates or call when he gets home, or text you what he is doing — my gosh, seriously?

Ladies, we do not need to post these on facebook — seriously.  If we have a problem with our relationship, that might be because we lack communication.  And that my friend, is the number one key to avoid conflicts.  Communicate with your partner.  Commit on something that both of you are sure can do.  Compromise.  Trust.  After all, they are the ones we love.  If they are gone, at the end of the day, it would be us who will regret and cry on one side of the room.  That is not a good vision, is it?

“Forgot Password?”


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It has been a long while since I have written.  Have you ever tried forgetting your password?  Unfortunately, I have and that is the reason why I have not written for a long time.  Oh well, I have retrieved it — eventually remembered my password and will never forget it anymore, I swear (hahaha) *

I have deleted my previous posts and left the links of my articles for My Life On Board.  I deleted them so I can somehow start a new page and write something fresh 🙂

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